roman-josi at least you look good

roman-josi why did you like my post then unlike it you wound me

i just got an email about a job i applied to eight months ago. apparently they don’t want to hire me.

kuerbisgelb where does it say malkin moves on?? at first, i saw the part about the quiz master or whatever crashing, but now i don’t even see anything about that?



oh my god I’m so angry about this will all you guys please vote for Benny?? the hockey world always overlooks him I just want him to win something for once he deserves so much

go here to vote!!!!

only appropriate reaction:

why am i still taking foreign language classes when i tested out of spanish and tested into 300 level german classes

i want a super cute wardrobe but i hate the way i look in every article of clothing ever

i can’t wait until david pastrnak is playing in the nhl so i can hear all the boston accents try to pronounce pastrnak